Wilton Recipe Right 11"x7" Biscuit & Brownie Pan 2105-960

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Brand Name Wilton
Model W2105960
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The Wilton Recipe Right Biscuit Non-Stick Brownie Pan is constructed of heavy-gauge steel that provides an even-heating performance. It has a non-stick coating that allows contents to be removed easily. This 11" x 17" pan is dishwasher safe, providing for quick, easy cleanup.

Wilton Recipe Right 11"x7" Biscuit & Brownie Pan 2105-960Wilton Recipe Right 11"x7" Biscuit & Brownie Pan 2105-960
Wilton Recipe Right 11"x7" Biscuit & Brownie Pan 2105-960
Wilton Recipe Right Biscuit/Brownie Pan, 11" x 7"The non-stick coating makes food release and clean-up a breeze
This package contains one 11" x 7" x 1-1/2" biscuit/brownie pan
Wilton brownie pan is dishwasher safe
Constructed of heavy-gauge steel
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 Customer Reviews

Perfect size and quality weightConnie
Well made, heavy Brownie pan
Better quality pan then I expected to receive.HummBum
Wilton brownie pan = perfect
I have been using these Wilton pans for many years and will continue to as long as they are available.

Besides brownies it's perfect for a single batch of cornbread too and it's also great for roasting small batches of vegetables.

IF you can keep it from being cut with something sharp it should last you a while. Though I have stated to family to always use plastic utensils with it, inevitably someone in our house forgets, the pan incurs a scratch and soon starts to rust. However, they are inexpensive enough that I buy several at a time and even with scratches I can line it with foil and still use it for vegetable roasting.

A quality pan for a very pleasant price and one I feel my kitchen is incomplete without.

Thanks Wilton and Walmart! I am ordering 4 more.3timesoccermom

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