Tramontina Style 9 Piece Cookware / Bakeware Set

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Brand Name Tramontina
Model 80110/221DS
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Tramontina Style cookware set offers a sleek and ultra-smooth ceramic cooking surface that provides an innovative and simply healthy cooking experience, while delivering effortless cleaning and outstanding durability.

Tramontina Style 9 Piece Cookware / Bakeware SetTramontina Style 9 Piece Cookware / Bakeware SetTramontina Style 9 Piece Cookware / Bakeware SetTramontina Style 9 Piece Cookware / Bakeware SetTramontina Style 9 Piece Cookware / Bakeware SetTramontina Style 9 Piece Cookware / Bakeware Set
Tramontina Style 9 Piece Cookware / Bakeware Set
Tramontina Style 9-Piece Cookware/Bakeware Set, Metallic Copper: Heavy-gauge aluminum cookware offers even heat distribution and excellent conduction, while porcelain enamel exterior ensures cookware durability and resistance to high temperatures Cream-colored ceramic cooking surface is PFOA and PTFE free and provides easy cooking and cleanup Tempered glass lids allow safe viewing of food as it cooks Cast stainless steel handles with soft-grip silicone offer smooth, steady and comfortable handling Compatible with gas, electric and ceramic glass cooktops Oven safe up to 350 degrees F or 176 degrees C Set includes: 10" fry pan, 1.5-qt sauce pan with lid, 3-qt sauce pan with lid, 5-qt Dutch oven with lid, 12.5" pizza pan, 14" x 10" roasting pan Dishwasher-safe Lifetime warranty Made in Italy Model #80110/221DS
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 Customer Reviews

Beautiful and Efficient
I was very excited to receive the Tramotina Ceramica cookware and bakeware. First thing out of the box, it is beautiful. I was pleased to find that it is lightweight as it looks heavy. It is great quality aluminum with a ceramic coating. My grown up sons were both here when it arrived and tried claiming it as their own! As per the instructions, I washed them in warm soapy water, rinsed, dried and seasoned. For the seasoning, I wiped the cooking/baking area with olive oil lightly and heated on top of the stove using medium heat for 3 minutes. Let them cool and washed them again. I then used the 3 quart to cook oatmeal and the pizza pan to bake a chocolate chip pan cookie. They recommend not using a high heat so it took a little longer for the water to come to a boil for the oatmeal. I could have put the lid on and had it come up faster. The handle did not get hot. The pizza pan made a beautiful cookie. Both pans cleaned up beautifully. I appreciate that the size of the pan is listed on the bottom. This set has a lifetime warranty for the original owner.GreenTree
Tramontina pot pan oven set
I really love this set. It is attractive and easy clean up . My first new pan set I think ever. There are nine pieces and 3 have lids. Really nice and attractive and is metallic brown which I think is more a cranberry color , I used some sauce pans to cook my Thanks giving dinner and stuff cooked up good and wiped clean that's a plus in my life now. You will receive in this set: A 10" frying pan, 1,5 quart large sauce pan, 3 quart large Sause pan a 5 quart large Dutch oven a 12.5 " pizza pan and a 14: x10" pizza pan. Because aluminum heats so well you will not put your pans on high heat just low to med. .
They all have a ceramic interior and a durable porcelain exterior. Tempered glass lids. soft grip silicon handles and are dishwasher safe. oven safe pans up to 350 degrees. Do not use nonstick aerosol cooking sprays , cook or boil only using low med heat to keep from damaging your pans . This is the first really nice pan set I've had in a long time, no more mismatched stuff this is just way to nice to not take good care of . I do recommend this set looks great feels great and cooks and cleans up great. Would make a nice gift for any occasion .laurijean
tramontina Wonderful Metallic Cooper Pan Set
I picked this pan set to do my Walmart Review on because it really caught my eye. I love the color the feel and the look of this set. First brand new set I have ever had so I'm loving it. I used some yesterday to cook my Mash potatoes and gravy in for Thanksgiving, Nothing better have I ever used cleaned up so good . That made my clean up just that fast. Now to keep them looking nice you have to take care of them, Do not use non-stick aerosol spray on them , even low heat since aluminum heats up fast no need for high heat and take the chance of harming the color of the pan. The cook ware for the oven can go to 350. all other pans have lids with soft silicone handles that feel good and give you a nice sturdy grip, ,
This set consist of ten inch frying pan
1,5 inch l. sauce pan with lid
3 quart Sause pan with lid
five quart l Dutch oven with lid a 12.5 pizza pan and lastly a 14 inch by 10 inch Roasting Pan , Dishwasher safe and has a Life time warranty and is made in Italy found at any Walmart in store or on line. They all have a ceramic interior and a durable porcelain exterior . tempered glass lids soft grip silicone handles . Glad I got this because after scrubbing pots and pans for 60 years I needed these to make my cleaning more fun and efficient. Make great gift for any time .I diffidently recommend this set , smaller , larger sets available also.laurijean

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