Tramontina 9 Quart Dutch Oven

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Brand Name Tramontina
Model VIPRB-9 Quart Dutch Oven
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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Tramontina's Gourmet Stainless Steel 9 Qt. Covered Dutch Oven is a must have for making large batches of soups, stews and chili, boiling seafood, or slow-cooking large cuts of meat. The induction-ready tri-ply base distributes heat quickly and evenly, while the heat- and shatter-resistant glass lid allows you to monitor your cooking progress. Ergonomically designed, riveted, soft-grip silicone handles ensure a comfortable grip and provide added support when handling a filled pot. This cookware works exceptionally on induction, gas, electric & ceramic glass cooktops, is oven-safe up to 350 F (176 C), dishwasher-safe & offered under a manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty.

Tramontina 9 Quart Dutch OvenTramontina 9 Quart Dutch OvenTramontina 9 Quart Dutch OvenTramontina 9 Quart Dutch OvenTramontina 9 Quart Dutch OvenTramontina 9 Quart Dutch OvenTramontina 9 Quart Dutch Oven
Tramontina 9 Quart Dutch Oven
Tri-ply base construction provides quick & even heat distribution; Stainless steel lid & riveted cast stainless steel handles; Compatible with all cooktops - including induction; Dishwasher-safe; Oven-safe up to 350 F (176 C)]

 Customer Reviews

nice and wide for roasts
this is a 9 qt dutch oven. though with most dutch ovens, I would think that it would be okay to put this in the oven, but to me, I did not feel comfortable placing this in the oven. it says safe up to 350 degrees, but right on the instructions, it says not suitable for oven use. I think that is mostly because of the handles on the pot and lid. it is made out of a tri-ply base, which is made up of stainless steel, aluminum, and magnetic stainless steel. which means it can be used on many surfaces, like gas, electric, ceramic, and induction heating. it is dishwasher safe as well. the lid is tempered glass, which means if it breaks, instead of breaking into shards it will break into chunks and not cut you. the pot measures about 10 inches wide from top to bottom, and it's about 6 inches deep all around. so this is a good size pot, that can hold a big piece of roast or meat, or even a nice big pot of chili or soup, I like that is wider than deeper, because some times you need a wider pot.mommyofet
Love it. Great quality
This is a very good quality stainless steel pot. Pot is deep. It was very easy to clean. Little heavy but thats because the quality of stainless steel is very good. It works well on the gas. I made Indian curry on this and came out so well. Overall it's a great product.atomanu2
love it !!!
Perfect pot to cook 6 cup it.Bkhan

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