The Rock 8 & 11" Frypan w/SS Handle+Lid

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Brand Name Starfrit
Model STF-060337-002-0000
Rating ★★★★★ 
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STF-060337-002-0000 The Rock 8 & 11" Frypan w/SS Handle+Lid, The Rock 3 piece set with stainless steel handle includes an 8" fry pan and an 11" deep-sided fry pan with see-through tempered glass lid. Features an extra-thick base for optimal heat distribution and. Rock.Tec surface for easy cleaning. MFG# 060337 Starfrit

The Rock 8 & 11" Frypan w/SS Handle+LidThe Rock 8 & 11" Frypan w/SS Handle+Lid
The Rock 8 & 11" Frypan w/SS Handle+Lid
Model No : STF-060337-002-0000 The Rock 8 & 11" Frypan w/SS Handle+Lid Brand : Starfrit Country of origin is USA
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 Customer Reviews

Great products!
Purchased a single pan and liked it so much, I had to buy more in different sizes. Great product!Michael
The Rock Coating Is GREAT!
Great Non-stick pan, everything I have cook in it so far has not got stuck to the pan. Great!Meaford Kid
Life beyond my wildest thoughts
I purchased 2 of these pans just hoping that the handles would stay cool longer then the ones supplied for me by my employer while I work on the omelette station in the restaurant I work for. I've been using these pans now for about 7 months and am now just finding the coating to be wearing out. Now you might say 7 months isn't all that long but if you think that about 5000 omelettes have been made in these pans, then I think they've giving more then anyone could ask for. Now the original reason I purchased these pans was for the handles and having these pans sitting on a portable gas burner for anywhere from 4-6 hours a day the handles stay cool to the touch the entire time. I'm impressed. Will I buy more of these pans? Yes I already have just so that I can replace the ones that are just now starting to wear out but I'm not about to change them yet, they still have much more life to give me, so the new ones are just waiting there turn to make there round of omelettes. When I have the money I plan on replacing all my pots and pans with the rocks set that my local store has. These are the best pans I have ever used and I recommend them to everyone I can.Amurken

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