The Hillman Group Carabiner with Strap

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Brand Name The Hillman Group
Model 711086
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Hillman Carabiners With Key Ring Strap features a spring loaded clip for easy open and close action. Includes a nylon strap and 1" split ring. Attaches to belt, purse, sport bag, backpack, etc. Constructed of anodized aluminum in assorted colors. Not For Climbing.

The Hillman Group Carabiner with StrapThe Hillman Group Carabiner with Strap
The Hillman Group Carabiner with Strap
CD Carabiner with Strap:Easy to use
Makes your key stand out
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Good price
Great for holding my AirPods.Bobby
Decent Small Carabiner With Strap.
I've purchased two of these for my main and spare sets of keys, plus remotes. This carabiner has held up nicely for both sets of three keys, the car remotes and small, key-chain flashlights; but after two years of constant usage, one carabiner has become full of scratches. Since that carabiner still works well, and because of the dark pinkish color, I painted that one with one coat of nail polish I had in raspberry and midnight blue glitter, finishing with a coat of Mod Podge (let all coats dry in between). So far, still good and the colors blended in beautifully!XYZ
The item broke within two days.
This item broke within two days of purchase.PPSJ