Suunto Northern Hemisphere Compass

Brand Name Suunto
Model SS021369000
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The baseplate compass for hiker and scouts. The hiking and orienteering compass. Fast, simple and accurate, these baseplate compasses are quick to learn and ideal for navigating with a map and compass. Minimalistic and straightforward. Fast and simple to use. With its simple, straightforward design, the Suunto A-10 NH Compass is an excellent choice for the novice hiker. This compact and lightweight compass includes a jewel bearing and a detachable snap-lock lanyard for easy transport. An inch scale is included, and the compass is balances for the northern or southern hemisphere for accurate readings.

Suunto Northern Hemisphere CompassSuunto Northern Hemisphere Compass
Suunto Northern Hemisphere Compass
High grade steel needle with jewel bearing
Balanced for northern hemisphere
Adjustable declination correction
Liquid filled capsule for stable operation
Luminescent markings for working in low light
Metric and Imperial scales
Baseplate with magnifying lens
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 Customer Reviews

This is the most basic, simple, but precise and awesome compass with adjustable declination
I have owned a couple of Sunnto Vector watches since 2000 and also a couple of compasses, but without adjustable declination. I love Sunnto products. I lived in Finland for a short period of time and I trust their quality.Alxmountainman
Defective needle
I haven't even taken the compass out of the box because I can already see that the north-end of the needle is chewed up. Looks like when they stamped the metal/plastic needle it was deformed. Not great if you want to be able to see what your heading is - I have to be able to line the point of the needle up with a tick mark. I would post a picture if I could.

Suunto QA needs some improvement. This needle shouldn't have made it into the compass and the compass shouldn't have left the factory.