Starfrit The Rock Fry Pan, 12"

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Brand Name The Rock
Model 060313-004-0000
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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Change the way you cook your meals and start using the Starfrit The Rock Fry Pan. This item has a versatile design that will help you get more done in the kitchen. The 12" frying pan comes with a thick, aluminum base that provides optimal heat distribution and even cooking. The unit is solid and will not warp. It features a unique, rock-like finish that is three times as strong as other non-stick surfaces and will resist scratches and abrasions. When you are finished cooking, this object can be easily cleaned. The dishwasher-safe frying pan will make a useful addition to the rest of the cookware in your kitchen. This pan can be used to cook all sorts of food items, such as eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches and much more.

Starfrit The Rock Fry Pan, 12"Starfrit The Rock Fry Pan, 12"Starfrit The Rock Fry Pan, 12"Starfrit The Rock Fry Pan, 12"
Starfrit The Rock Fry Pan, 12"
Starfrit The Rock Fry Pan, 12":Extra-thick, forged aluminum base
Optimal heat distribution and even cooking
Guaranteed never to warp
Durable, rock-like finish lasts 3x better than traditional non-stick cookware
Resists scratches and abrasions
Starfrit cookware is dishwasher safe10-year warranty12" frying pan has a solid, sturdy design
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 Customer Reviews

Sturdy and Best fry pan I have ever owned
In the past I've had sets of T-Fal frypans. In the past two years I purchased a white ceramic pan, then a gold Gotham pan. Neither made me happy and unlike the advertisements, food stuck to these pans, even if sprayed with Pam. I love my 10” Rock and wished all my pans were made of the same materials. I love it so much that I would do a commercial for free to promote this fine product. Thank you for developing this great new technology. Sincerely, K. Revoy ❤️Karri49

Probably one of the best fry pan I have ever owned. The non-stick surface performs well.Richard
The best on the world
This is great , You Never can Find like this , just go ahead and buy one , you will believe it (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)Farhad

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