Rachael Ray Kitchenware Garbage Bowl

Brand Name Rachael Ray
Model 46236
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy while creating yummy masterpieces is a no-brainer with the Rachael Ray Accessories Garbage Bowl. Rachael Ray knows all about putting more gain with less strain into prepping and cooking, and her clever, colorful Garbage Bowl saves steps during prep time. This convenient and fun-to-use bowl makes it easy to stash and dump those unwanted scraps that pile up while you cook, and that means less trips to the trashcan. Or toss 'em on the compost pile to help keep things green. Make Rachael's Italian Chef Salad in a cinch by tossing all the peelings from potatoes, husks from shallots, melon rinds and more right into the bowl. The rubberized base of the Rachael Ray Garbage Bowl helps it stay right where you put it, and the exciting speckle finish makes it a great piece to add pizzazz to the countertop. This bowl is so stylish, no one will guess it's really a step-saving problem-solver.

Rachael Ray Kitchenware Garbage BowlRachael Ray Kitchenware Garbage BowlRachael Ray Kitchenware Garbage Bowl
Rachael Ray Kitchenware Garbage Bowl
Rachael Ray Garbage Bowl is the perfect receptacle for food scraps and unusable pieces that pile up when chopping, slicing and dicing
Use the sturdy melamine bowl to collect scraps as you go, cutting down on trips to the trashcan while cooking
A fun speckle pattern even makes the bowl perfect for countertop display between uses
The garbage bowl is a great complement to many other exciting items in the Rachael Ray collection
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 Customer Reviews

Get color/loads of uses
Bought this for my friend who loves purple and wanted this garbage bowl. The color is a great shade. It will be used as an additional mixing bowl also.Ivy
Love this bowl!
Great size, great color, very versatile!Rachel

This garbage bowl is my favorite bowl, to mix in and use to make jello dishes, salads and any other dish that requires a large bowl.Norma

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