Oster Findley 13.77" Carbon Steel Wok

Brand Name Oster
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Cook up something tasty with the Findley Wok. Made of carbon steel, it has even heat distribution and its non-stick interior allows for low-fat cooking.

Oster Findley 13.77" Carbon Steel Wok
Oster Findley 13.77" Carbon Steel Wok
Oster Findley Carbon Steel 13.77 In. Wok

 Customer Reviews

Great price Great quality.
This is the same wok that is use in most Chinese restaurants. DOesnt scratch easily, make with good quality carbon material. I have cook all types of cuisines with wooden utensils. I used a stainless utensil and it didnt scratch. The Wok is a nice size, big, and you can not beat this price.Rakeisha
You won't be disappointed
I was shopping for a wok and purchased this one because of the price. I was prepared to be disappointed as my thoughts were it was "too good to be true". Much to my surprise, I found it to be excellent. I have used it to cook on my charcoal grill and am very satisfied. I highly recommend this wok to anyone that is thinking of buying one.sondesara
This was actually my first wok and I love it! The size is great and it gets really hot and makes amazing fried rice and stir frys! A little light in weight compared to other woks but it does it's job. Also, you can't beat the price.

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