Michelle B. by Fagor Cast Iron Lite Chef's Pan with Lid, Lemon Lime, 12"

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Brand Name Michelle B. by Fagor
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Almost no other Miami chef has made as big a splash on the national culinary scene as Michelle Bernstein. A James Beard Award winner and author of Cuisine a Latina, diners are loving Bernstein's cuisine at her two successful South Florida restaurants: Michy's and Sra. Martinez, dubbed one of the Best New Restaurants in America of 2009 by Esquire Magazine. Michelle appeared on the Food Network to battle Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America, from which the Miami chef emerged victorious. Michelle continues to appear on national television shows, ranging from Top Chef and The Today Show to the Martha Stewart Show. Michelle's unique Cast Iron Lite cookware is created with new technology, reducing the weight of each pan by 50-percent compared to traditional cast iron pieces. Her pre-seasoned cast iron pots are made with multi-coated enamel to ensure strength, durability and heat resistance. The non-stick surface makes them very easy to clean. Michelle's pieces are designed with a resilient non-stick interior, sleek silicone handles and are compatible with all cooktops including induction. Michelle's cookware is beautifully designed and can go from oven to table, making it incredibly practical.

Michelle B. by Fagor Cast Iron Lite Chef's Pan with Lid, Lemon Lime, 12"
Michelle B. by Fagor Cast Iron Lite Chef's Pan with Lid, Lemon Lime, 12"
Weight of each pan is 50-percent less compared to traditional cast iron pieces The cookware is pre-seasoned and made with multi-coated enamel to ensure strength The non-stick surface makes it very easy to clean
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 Customer Reviews

Beautiful pan and so much easier to pick up .
I love the weight of this pan but have not tried it yet but I know I will have to learn how to use it right.beetrus
Better Than Expected!
Great 'substitute' for traditional enameled cast iron braiser-like pans. It's much lighter in weight and easier to move around when full with food. Excellent price point and great quality. On the downside, because of the thinner construction to reduce weight, you have to be a little more observant of the heat you're cooking on. It heats up much faster, and therefore, cools off faster as well (less heat retention over time). As mentioned before, you can't beat the price for this quality pan!Fury
No way, I. The description it says non stick, baloney!! I was sautéing peppers and they stuck to pan , the bottom is stained brown and I can't get it clean. I can't believe they wanted 75.00 for this , I will try to return, not sure because I used it 2 times my eggs stuck to pan also. Just terrible !! I wouldn't be proud of itHelen

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