Mainstays Value Bed Blanket, Full/Queen, Gray

Brand Name Mainstays
Model 555222113
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Cozy up with the Mainstays Blanket. Most blankets are seasonal, providing plenty of warmth when the temperatures drop, only to be removed and relegated to linen closets at the first signs of spring. With Mainstay's fleece bed blanket, you can stay snuggly all year long thanks to its lightweight, polyester microfleece build. The velvety-soft microfleece adds just the right level of warmth without adding bulk. The polyester build also makes the blanket much easier to care for than traditional wool blankets; simply machine wash on gentle using color-safe bleach as needed, and tumble dry on low setting. No ironing is needed; when the blanket comes out of the dryer, it's ready to return to the bed, with even more softness. It's available in three neutral heathered shades for effortless pairing with any sheet set. Choose from twin/twin XL or full/queen blanket sizes.

Mainstays Value Bed Blanket, Full/Queen, GrayMainstays Value Bed Blanket, Full/Queen, GrayMainstays Value Bed Blanket, Full/Queen, GrayMainstays Value Bed Blanket, Full/Queen, Gray
Mainstays Value Bed Blanket, Full/Queen, Gray
Mainstays Value Bed Blanket (Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors):Full/queen dimensions: 90" x 90"Made from 100% polyester microfleece for a soft feel and to keep you cozy warm without added bulk Ideal for year-round use as a bedding blanket Bed blanket care: machine wash separately on gentle cycle
Tumble dry low
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not dry clean
Fleece bed blanket comes in full/queen or twin/twin XL sizes
Heathered details for added depth and dimension
Available in solid blue, gray or tan colors
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 Customer Reviews

This blanket is huge and fits across my king sized bed. I bought it to go in the back seat of my car for my new puppy but after seeing the size I decided against it. I've been using it on top of my comforter as a boubdary for pet hairs and it works great. It's thin but still warm. My only complaint is how much lint comes off of this thing! Holy moly SO MUCH LINT lol! But j think it was a great buyToast
Great quality!
Bought it for a charity event and they are great! Price is amazing and quality as wel. I also found them at the store in other prints, so check out your local store. We buy our logo and it worked out beautiful. We are planing on buying 350 more!
Box arrived broken, but no big deal!LNS
Surprisingly warm
I purchased this light weight blanket with the expectation that it would be only lightly warm, which is what is needed in Southern Arizona in the summertime. Well, it is not! It is light in weight, but, pretty warming. Not anything I'd care to use in the daytime, but, when I get too cold at night because the air conditioner is up to high for someone else's comfort, it is a nice blanket to have around. I really look forward to using it under my comforter this winter!lemondrop

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