Mainstays Mixing Bowl Set, 3 Piece

Brand Name Mainstays
Model MS11-041-410-11
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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Make homemade goodies for your friends and family with the Mainstays 3-Piece Plastic Mixing Bowl Set. This set ensures that you have the right size bowl for almost any kitchen task. These bowls are ideal for making cakes, brownies, cookies and more. You could even mix up pancake batter or serve salad in them. They have a lip that makes it easy to pour from the bowl to the pan. In addition, you can grab the rim around the edge to safely move the bowl from one area to another. This nesting mixing bowls set is easy to store when it is not in use. It will make a practical gift for newlyweds or a housewarming party./p

Mainstays Mixing Bowl Set, 3 PieceMainstays Mixing Bowl Set, 3 PieceMainstays Mixing Bowl Set, 3 PieceMainstays Mixing Bowl Set, 3 Piece
Mainstays Mixing Bowl Set, 3 Piece
Mainstays 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set2.5 qt, 3.5 qt and 5 qt sizes
Features easy pour spout and curved lip handle
Easily Nests together, saving space
Durable plastic construction
Dishwasher Safe
BPA Free
You Save : $2.00Best Price

 Customer Reviews

Best Value for Mixing Bowl Set
These are a great purchase for their price. There's nothing special about their appearance, but they're compact and get the job done.Jon
You can lick the bowl.
Sturdy bowls that have the measurements inside of the bowl good price and quality.Lillian
Bigger than I thought!
Size are bigger than I thought and the price is just perfect also inside it has the measurings marksAnahi

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