Mainstays Cutlery Tray

Brand Name Mainstays
Model MS090-900-23-19
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Keep your drawers organized and looking tidy with the help of our Mainstays Plastic Cutlery Tray. This tray features five separate rectangular sections to have your silverware and utensils neatly kept in their own space, so you can easily find what you need when it is time to cook or dine. The kitchen cutlery tray is made in a compact size that will fit nicely in a variety of drawers, making it an ideal addition to your kitchen space. Plus, it's classic white color will easily complement any kitchen decor theme. It's lightweight, too, so you can easily move it around when it is time to rearrange your space. Whether you're entertaining guests or enjoying a family meal, you can make sure all your dining ware is right where you need it when you get organized with our Mainstays Plastic Cutlery Tray.Getting organized is often a matter of finding the right equipment to store your stuff. Mainstays organization and storage products are suitable for use throughout your home. Some of the products in this section are designed for use in a specific area, such as your closets or kitchen, and you can focus on these specific products if you know what you need. If you don't yet know what organization and storage products might solve your problems, scroll through the product listings in this section to get inspiration. Product descriptions and names are helpful guides to consider as you browse.

Mainstays Cutlery TrayMainstays Cutlery TrayMainstays Cutlery TrayMainstays Cutlery Tray
Mainstays Cutlery Tray
Mainstays Cutlery Tray:Kitchen drawer organizer
Ideal for organizing and sorting cutlery
Small-space design allows it to fit inside almost any standard drawer
Features 5 separate compartments for placing spoons, forks, knives, and more
Classic white color is sure to pair effortlessly with any kitchen decor theme
Durable and lightweight plastic build
Easy to clean
Measures 9" W x 13.5" D x 1.7" H

 Customer Reviews

Perfect for my small silverware drawer.kimberley
Good for the price
Typical cutlery tray. Good for smaller width drawers.Judith

I didnI didnt think I needed two, But I am using both. Sturdy and helpfulGrace

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