Mainstays 20 Quart Stock Pot

Brand Name Mainstays
Model VIPRB-Stock Pot with Glass Lid,
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Mainstays 20 Quart Stock Pot, 1 Each

Mainstays 20 Quart Stock PotMainstays 20 Quart Stock PotMainstays 20 Quart Stock PotMainstays 20 Quart Stock Pot
Mainstays 20 Quart Stock Pot
Mainstays Stock Pot with Glass Lid, Stainless Steel, 20 qt:Includes a 20-qt saucepan (18.9 L) and heat/shatter-resistant glass lid
Stainless steel
Durable handles
Tri-ply base for even & quick cooking
Dishwasher safe
Perfect for making sauces, soups, pasta, and much more!

 Customer Reviews

Great for the professional chef.
Okay so I wouldn't consider myself a "professional"
but I was able to use this with ease.
I cooked hambone soup that literally fed
30 people out of this.
Doesn't fit in dishwasher but easy to hand clean.
Highly Recommend!!Todd
Love it
I really love this pot it is really big and perfect for soups. I love how deep this pot is and how it's stainless steel. I know this pot will last me a long time and be perfect for when I make gumbo for my family. I love how it's sturdy and great quality. I love how the lid is see through. This pot is extremely easy to pick up. I would definitely recommend this pot to everyone. It's great for cookouts, big families, and parties. I think this is a really essential pot just to have in your household.Kenziej002
Great size for big dinners or boiling
I have used this pot a few times now and my favorite thing to use it for is boiling shrimp. It holds a lot of shrimp and boil water so I don't have to worry about the shrimp boiling in close to dry water. I haven't had a issue with the finish or lid so I'm very happy with it. I'm not sure if I'd use it for anything heavily acidic such as a tomato base style food. Only hand washing because of the size but it's a great size pot for a large family/ get togethers.Cynlab8992

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