Mainstays 2 Quart Pan

Brand Name Mainstays
Rating ★★★★¼ 
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Mainstays 2 Quart Pan, 1 Each

Mainstays 2 Quart PanMainstays 2 Quart PanMainstays 2 Quart PanMainstays 2 Quart Pan
Mainstays 2 Quart Pan
Mainstays Sauce Pan with Lid, Iridescent, 2 qt:Good for searing, braising, and making sauces
Includes 1 saucepan (2 qt; 1.9 L) and lid
Stainless steel
Durable iridescent handles
Tri-ply base for even & quick cooking
Heat and shatter-resistant glass lid
Oven & dishwasher safe
Metal utensil safe

 Customer Reviews

Great pan!
I wish I had a bigger one! I feel like the very first time you use it you need to wear a potholder because the holder will be hot. After that it seems to be alright as long as you've used it once. I'm glad I wore one just in case because the holder lights up as if it's hot to the touch, which is was. Also, for some reason the little bolts seem to change color that attach the holder to the actual pot, as long as it's safe I'm good with it. I've used it with macaroni and cheese and ground beef as you can see in the picture. I love the built in strainer and it's helpful with keeping the grease safely strained and not splashing all over the place. Haven't ran into anything crazy while using it which is also a plus! Good pot, recommend it.Bally
Adorable Addition to the Kitchen
On first look, the pot is sturdy and has a respectable weight to it. The lid weighs more than the rest of the pan actually. Most of the pot's weight is in the base, which gives me hope that it isn't going to be super quick to burn like some older stainless steel pots I own that have the same metal consistently throughout. The pot also includes a slight pouring lip. I've never had a pot lid with the streamer holes on the side, and I have enjoyed this feature with macaroni. I've made rice, noodles, and heated up sauce in this pot so far and it holds up. I have given the pot a quick scrub and thrown it in the dishwasher, and it is holding up. Love the style and kind of want a matching set now. To note, the iridescent metal lid handle is metal, so it is going to get hot with the pan. The only con I have for this pan is the handle. The metal is folded over, which is not a feature I enjoy, because the meeting point tends to pinch. Probably not a bother to everyone. Overall, in my opinion, the quality exceeds the price point of this 2 quart pot, and it gets extra marks for the iridescent cuteness!Lucy
Good pot came dented

This arrived damaged with a dent in the pot near the top(picture enclosed)The pan is stainless steel with a pretty iridescent handle and knob . It has an opening on the handle to set spoon in. It is 2 quart capacity with a glass lid that appears pretty durable. The lid has an opening to keep food vented. This can be used to make sauce and heat it evenly with out sticking. I put this in the dishwasher and it cleaned perfectly. You are also able to use this to make rice, due to its 2 quart size you can mix the rice easily to prevent sticking. Another use is warming soups , it because of the size it can accommodate and adequate amount of product. The pot feels sturdy, and didn't scratch my glass top stove. Price for product quality is good.Bella

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