Mainstays 13.75" Non-Stick Wok

Brand Name Mainstays
Model 556968024
Rating ★★★★¼ 
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Cook up your favorite stir-fry dishes and meals with the Mainstays 13.75-Inch Non-Stick Wok. Perfect for steaming, searing, roasting and more, this versatile wok does it all. This must-have wok is designed for easy meal preparation, featuring a 13.75-inch cooking pan and tall, sloped edges for no-spills tossing. Crafted from durable carbon steel, this wok achieves rapid, even heating so your gourmet-style creations turn out tasty each time. The nonstick surface means food slides out easily and cleanup is a breeze. Non-Stick convenience also means an easier way to cook with fewer fats, oils and butter for healthier, homemade meals every day. While cooking up your favorite meals, this handy wok features cool-to-the-touch, wooden handles for a confident grip while cooking. The long handle offers the perfect grip for tossing ingredients, while the small helper handle offers extra help when lifting. The smart design ensures you cook easily and efficiently life a professional chef, whether you're stir-frying veggies or cooking up proteins like shrimp and beef. Ideal for quick, healthy cooking, the Mainstays 13.75-Inch Non-Stick Wok is a smart addition to any collection of kitchen essentials.

Mainstays 13.75" Non-Stick WokMainstays 13.75" Non-Stick WokMainstays 13.75" Non-Stick WokMainstays 13.75" Non-Stick Wok
Mainstays 13.75" Non-Stick Wok
Versatile non-stick wok is ideal for stir-frying, steaming, searing and more
Carbon steel construction heats quickly and evenly for efficient cooking
Jumbo-sized wok is perfect size for cooking family-size meals
Durable, carbon steel construction for rapid, even heat distribution
Nonstick cooking surface makes cleanup easy and hassle-free
Wooden handles stay cool while cooking
Wok care: Hand wash only. Do not use steel wool, scouring powder pads or abrasive cleaners that may damage non-stick coating.Wok dimensions: 21.45"L x 14.17"W x 3.78"H

 Customer Reviews

$5 Wok that is fantastic
My husband really enjoys a great Japanese fried rice and I love the it cooks to perfection. No more messy or sticky rice and burn food. The size was just perfect.Marta
worthy wok
well made, sturdy, great finish, and economical. definitely a worthwhile purchase.Nicholas

I've had it for about a month now and Its still working non stick and i got it at a good priceTiara

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