Libbey Glass Gibraltar Iced Tea Glass

Brand Name Libbey
Model 5253
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Enjoy a delicious glass of tea while experiencing the cool summer breeze with this classic Gibraltar Iced Tea Glass by Libbey Glass.

Libbey Glass Gibraltar Iced Tea GlassLibbey Glass Gibraltar Iced Tea Glass
Libbey Glass Gibraltar Iced Tea Glass
Libbey Glass Gibraltar Iced Tea Glass: Made of glass Great for any cool beverage A kitchen necessity

 Customer Reviews

Worth it!! Elegant Glasses.
The price was misleading. I was not expecting to receive such high quality product. The glass is thick, cup is heavy, size is huge like a sundae. The size is overwhelming of a small family, but if your guests keep you in the mind of The Klumps, then these are perfect drinking glasses. $1.00 a glass is really cheap for such high quality glasses.MzzNickey
Great glasses
Is great quality nice heavy glassstacy
Best Glasses in the World
No one will ever convince me, that these aren't the best glasses in the world. I love 'em. LOVE! THEM! First off, they're the perfect size, 20 ounces comfortably full. The are dense, extremely strong, (I did a stupid experiment, where I intentionally dropped one of the glasses from a height of 6 feet, onto a vinyl floor; it bounced a few times but didn't break. Then I dropped it from 8 feet, again, it did not break. So, I took it outside and started tapping the base with a hammer; it was surprisingly strong! I had to give it a really hard hit to break it. So, these are VERY strong glasses.)
They are also exceptionally clear, almost like crystal. And the ergonomic ridges help you keep a firm grip. Best glasses ever:)Pierre

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