Honey-Can-Do Carbon Steel 14" Wok Honey-Can-Do

Brand Name Honey-Can-Do
Model K91-0021
Rating ★★★★☆ 
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Origins Wok Carbon Steel 14 in. Origins Wok Carbon Steel. Carbon steel 14 in (35 cm). Heavy gauge carbon steel stay-cool handle for all range tops including induction. At your Asia table. Stir-frying lets you quickly cook meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, and moreover high heat, using small amounts of oil - perfect for today's healthy lifestyles. Origins cookware: Enjoy the cuisines of the world without ever leaving your kitchen! Create authentic Asian, Italian, and Mexican dishes with the origins cookware and accessory collection. Origins is a celebration of food and flavor, and freedom to explore the multicultural world in which we live. It's an attitude, a state of mind. A way of life experienced through the joy of great food. So, where will your worldly appetite take you? Stamp your passport and find out! With origins, the world is at your table. Origins and design are registered trademarks of Columbian Home Products, LLC. This package is copyrighted. Any use of the graphics, text, or photography will be considered an infringement and will be prosecuted. Copyright ©2011 Columbian Home Products, LLC.

Honey-Can-Do Carbon Steel 14" Wok Honey-Can-DoHoney-Can-Do Carbon Steel 14" Wok Honey-Can-DoHoney-Can-Do Carbon Steel 14" Wok Honey-Can-DoHoney-Can-Do Carbon Steel 14" Wok Honey-Can-DoHoney-Can-Do Carbon Steel 14" Wok Honey-Can-DoHoney-Can-Do Carbon Steel 14" Wok Honey-Can-Do
Honey-Can-Do Carbon Steel 14" Wok Honey-Can-Do
This Asian Origins Carbon Steel Wok is durable and easy to use. It features a stay-cool handle for safe cooking, and you can use it on all kinds of stoves, including induction systems. With the double handle design, you can easily move it around while you are cooking. This wok is made from a heavy-gauge carbon steel material that ensures durability.

 Customer Reviews

Love this wok
I bought this as a gift. I have had mine for several years and love it. Great price for what you get. I ordered this online because the store by me only has the light weight ones. Carbon steel is the way to go, much more substantial. The extra handle is a big help especially when the wok is full of stir fry. I made sure I seasoned it well before using, instructions on how to season can be found online.WannabChef
wife loves it
i read various reviews and determined this was heavy gauge steel and surely the best bang for the buck.i suggest you watch youtube vids on 'seasoning a wok' as the best way to do it.i tried to do as instructed on the woks instruction guide but i wished i had not done the oil part until very,very late in the pan scorching part.you need a lot of heat to blue it before even thinking about lightly oiling.be careful to not smoke the handles during seasoning.edgar76
Very good solid wok
Followed the instructions on first cleaning and seasoning. Turned out really well especially the seasoning part of it.

Wok is heavy and seems a little wobbly on the stove, but when placed on other flat surface, it is not wobbly at all, so I guess it has to do with my ceramic stove.

Enjoyed using it and will take good care of it (care instructions given).
This is definitely a wok that will last for a long long time.asianwokuser

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