Handi-Foil ECO-Foil Cook-n-Carry 13" x 9" Cake Pan with Lid

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Brand Name Handi-foil
Model 20394-9
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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Enhance your life with this item from Hand-Foil. It's the perfect addition to your kitchen. It also makes for a perfect practical gift for the cook in your life or for that house-warming party that is just around the corner.

Handi-Foil ECO-Foil Cook-n-Carry 13" x 9" Cake Pan with LidHandi-Foil ECO-Foil Cook-n-Carry 13" x 9" Cake Pan with LidHandi-Foil ECO-Foil Cook-n-Carry 13" x 9" Cake Pan with LidHandi-Foil ECO-Foil Cook-n-Carry 13" x 9" Cake Pan with Lid
Handi-Foil ECO-Foil Cook-n-Carry 13" x 9" Cake Pan with Lid
Handi-foil ECO-Foil Cook-n-Carry 13x9 Cake Pan with Lid:Plastic lid included (not for oven use)Perfect for 13x9 cakes
Disposable for easy clean up
Lid to protect or transport food
Pan size: 12-3/4" x 9" x 1-27/32"Made of 100 percent recycled aluminum
Kosher2 Pans and 2 Lid

 Customer Reviews

So convenient
This bake and carry cake pan with lid is so convenient! I absolutely love that I can bake my cake right in the pan and then take it with me to an event and leave it there without having to worry about getting my pan back! This is such a great invention. I love how durable the pan and lid is and the cake baked evenly.Cclo9
Should alway keep these on hand!
These are the best pans for bake and carry. It is 13x9 inches. I baked a chocolate cake in one and it came out perfect. I followed the normal baking instructions for the cake, then I placed this pan over a cookie sheet in the oven just to provide some additional support and my cake came out perfect. I love the fact that it has lid, so you can decorate your cake and put the lid on to transport without worrying that your cake will not look perfect after transport. Also, it is good to know that after you place the lid on top the dish it becomes more stable. I will use these for mainly baking. I also like these because I don't have to worry about getting my dish back when I take a cake or bake good to a party. I definitely recommend these pans to all my friends and family.MMT
Fabulous Pans!
I am very pleased with the Handi-Foil ECO-Foil Cook-n-Carry 13 x 9 Cake Pan with Lid! I am looking forward to purchasing more of these pans for this is now my go to brand! I used these pans for a crab boil and was blown away at their performance.
• The depth of these pans were more than adequate! They were nice and deep enabling them
to hold more than enough food at one time for 4 adults. As an experienced cook, I can tell
they will be perfect for casseroles. I have frequently overflowed my casseroles due to shallow
pans but no longer now that I have found these gems!
• Thickness! These pans were sturdy!! I filled each pan with roughly 3 pounds of crab clusters,
sausage, corn, potatoes, and shrimp. Due to the weight I did use both hands to transfer the
pans to the table but they never bowed in the middle like foil pans tend to do. I did not have
to hold the hot middle so the pan didn't fold up on me.
• The lids were a nice bonus. They definitely made cleanup a breeze! We were able to toss the
shells and trash back in to the pans, top with the lids and toss! It also helped with the smell!
Huge plus! The lids will also be fabulous to use when you have left of casseroles! Just top
and toss in the fridge!
• Made in the USA! That is very hard to come by these days and is a huge plus in my book. I
try hard to support American made as much as absolute possible.
I do not have any at the moment.
I do highly recommend this pan and lid combo! It will get the job done with any disappointment!Haddiedell

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