Great Value 75 sq ft Aluminum Foil

Brand Name Great Value
Model 1041822915
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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No kitchen is complete without Great Value 75 sq ft Aluminum Foil. Our aluminum foil is great for lining baking sheets for easy cleanup and has a variety of other uses such as baking the perfect pie crust, sharpening scissors, cleaning the grill and cast iron pans, and even polishing silverware. With 75 square feet of foil, you'll have plenty for all your kitchen and household tasks.

Great Value 75 sq ft Aluminum Foil
Great Value 75 sq ft Aluminum Foil
Sharp cutting edge. Line pans for easy cleanup. Easy-open box with stay closed tab.

 Customer Reviews

Excellent foil for all my needs! Lining baking dishes for easy cleanup, wrapping up squash, and my favorite; making a pouch for the perfect baked potatoes!! (I drizzle olive oil over all and give each a couple dashes of coarse sea salt. Leave the pouch mostly open and bake 350 till done.) Best of all, the generous size which will last me a long time, as often I reuse the foil with a light cleaning. HIGHLY recommend!Arnetage
Good value and it works
We got this because it has plenty of aluminum foil and do not need to go out and get more often while making more waste. it works well,MiguelAngel
Aluminum foil great convenience for cooking.
Great convenience for cooking. I line my cookie sheet in toaster oven with aluminum foil and cook everything. It is a lot easier than cleaning cookie sheet, I just throw away aluminum foil. I am happy happy happy getting everything delivered by Walmart. Great service great selection great prices.James

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