Equate On-The-Go First Aid Kit, 85 Items, 2 Pack

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Treat minor injuries wherever you travel with the Equate On-The-Go First Aid Kit. It includes over 80 items, such as bandages of varying sizes, sterile pads and medical tape to hold them in place. There's also a tongue depressor, a rubber glove and cold compress to soothe sprains. Prevent infections with the antibiotic ointment and antiseptic towelette. All the supplies in this travel first aid kit come in a case with a convenient carrying handle with sliding latches that lock the case shut for transit. Be prepared for emergencies while on the go with the Equate On-The-Go First Aid Kit.Making the right health decisions can be challenging. With a complete range of products and simple solutions, Equate allows you to take care of your family with confidence.

Equate On-The-Go First Aid Kit, 85 Items, 2 PackEquate On-The-Go First Aid Kit, 85 Items, 2 PackEquate On-The-Go First Aid Kit, 85 Items, 2 PackEquate On-The-Go First Aid Kit, 85 Items, 2 Pack
Equate On-The-Go First Aid Kit, 85 Items, 2 Pack
Equate On-The-Go First Aid Kit, 85 Items, 2 Pack:Durable plastic case
Pack-and-go convenience
Essential items for home or travel
Carrying handle with sliding locks
Equate first aid kit includes: bandages, tape, non-stick and sterile pads, cotton-tipped applicators, antibiotic ointment, alcohol prep pad, antiseptic towelette, cold compress, tongue depressor, rubber glove and first aid guide

 Customer Reviews

On the go first aid kit
The Equate 85 Piece First Aid Kit is comparable in quality other first aid kits of its kind, but at a more economical price. This first aid kit on the go is perfect for traveling, office, car or the outdoors-specially camping due to its compact size. For a lightweight and easy to carry kit, it has a comprehensive first aid treatment products. Great for minor cuts and scrapes. The carrying kit has easy slide latches and internal dividers for easy access.
It is a great beginner's first aid kit. Definitely everyone should have one!Nuzim2175

it looks just like described as in picture only thing is they didn't specify how small it was. the size makes you think it's a toyProudfather
first aid kit
There are a lot of items contained in this small first aid kit. It has gloves, a lot of various sized band-aids, different sizes of gauze, cotton tipped applicators, wooden stick applicators or tongue depressors, triple antibiotic ointment, alcohol pads, medical tape, an instant cold compress, medical tape and steri strips. There is also a first aid guide to help you know how to use what is inside. The case is small but holds a lot. It has red sliding tabs that lock the box to keep children out of it. It is perfect to keep in your car or your medicine cabinet. It has virtually anything you may need for non emergency injuries. It is very condensed and organized. Love it. Everything is kept in one place.odis64

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