Destinate Model D3-T Tritium Protractor Compass

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Brand Name Cammenga
Model D3-T
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The Cammenga Destinate Model D3-T Tritium ProtractorCompass incorporates all the same high quality parts andmaterials that are in the Model 3H Tritium Lensatic Compass, theOfficial U.S. Military Compass. The D3-T is built to the samedemanding specifications and quality of all Cammenga compasses.Battle tested through rigorous shock, water, sand proof, andfunctional from -50 F to +150 F.Six Tritium Micro Lights allow for navigation in low-light conditions,without the need for a flashlight or any other light source. TritiumMicro Lights remain luminous for over twelve years,maintenance-free.The D3-T is equipped with a map magnifying lens, dial graduationsin both degrees and mils, and four map scales for navigation on avariety of maps. The Copper Induction Damping System slows therotation of the magnet without the use of liquids, allowing thecompass to function in extreme climates. Built to last with aNavalon baseplate and waterproof housing.Features- Luminosity: Tritium (6 Sources)- Jewel Bearing: Sapphire- Rotating Bezel: Bi-Directional- Optics: Map & Dial Magnifiers- Climate Capacity: -50 F to +150 F- Baseplate Materials: High-Impact Navalon- Waterproof: Yes- Expected Luminous Life: 10 Years- Accuracy: +/- 40 mils- Resolution: 5 / 20 mils- Dial Readings: Degrees & mils- Damping Process: Induction (No Liquid Req.)- Scales: 1:25k, 1:63360, 1:50km, 1:24k- Lanyard: Included- Body: Day Glow Baseplate Design- Dimensions: 4.75 x 2.5 x 0.71- Weight: 1.7 oz

Destinate Model D3-T Tritium Protractor Compass
Destinate Model D3-T Tritium Protractor Compass
Destinate Model D3-T Tritium Protractor Compass
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This is one of the best compass. The brand is excellent.omar