Cuisinart Chrome Deluxe Can Opener

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Brand Name Cuisinart
Model CCO55
Rating ★★★★½ 
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The chrome Deluxe Can Opener gleams on any kitchen countertop, bringing style to the humble can opener. The single-touch operation makes fast work of any standard size can, using the Power Cut® blade to safely and cleanly slice through the metal. The magnetic lid holder is attached to the removable arm to make clean up easy. The sturdy base prevents tipping or sliding during use.

Cuisinart Chrome Deluxe Can OpenerCuisinart Chrome Deluxe Can Opener
Cuisinart Chrome Deluxe Can Opener
Cuisinart quality-engineered motor system
Power Cut® blade
Single-touch operation
Sturdy base prevents sliding or tipping
Opens any size can
Removable activation lever for easy cleaning
BPA free
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 Customer Reviews

Can Opener by Cuisinart
So far, so good. Nice Tough Blade and Motor. Opens multiple cans, quicklyJT6078
Add a touch of elegance and prestige to your kitch
I just had to return another brand of can opener because it came with three additional parts, and two of them did not fit anywhere in the can opener. But this Cuisinart can opener was ready to work just out of the box, fully assembled, it is not noisy, motor works fast and smooth, it looks elegant, and the name Cuisinart adds prestige to your kitchen. The one I returned was very noisy, and extremely slow. Thanks Cuisinart for your quality products.e1m2f3
Great opener!
After reading many reviews and doing a lot of comparisons, I ordered this opener. I am so glad I did. It is such a wonderful opener. We purchased it because our previous opener never worked right. This opens easily, smoothly and never an issue. Even with large cans. The design is very pretty and looks great on the counter. Thank you so much Cuisinart!ReneeB

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