Corelle Livingware 12 Ounce Winter Frost White Bowl

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Brand Name Corelle
Model 6017640
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The 12 oz Corelle Livingware White Berry Bowl is an attractive addition to your kitchen. You can use it for cereal at breakfast, soup at lunch or pasta for dinner. This Corelle berry bowl is easy to clean, just run it through the dishwasher and you're good to go. It's safe to use in the oven and the microwave for heating up leftovers. You can stack multiple units inside one another to save space in your cupboard. It's made from multiple layers of glass that are fused to create a strong and durable piece. The white color makes them easy to coordinate with any style of decor.

Corelle Livingware 12 Ounce Winter Frost White BowlCorelle Livingware 12 Ounce Winter Frost White Bowl
Corelle Livingware 12 Ounce Winter Frost White Bowl
Corelle Winter Frost White Berry Bowl: Dishwasher safe
Hub laminated Microwave and oven safe Break and chip resistance Stackable for cupboard space efficiency Long lasting design Multiple layers of glass fused together Lightweight Durable Corelle Winter Frost White bowl is ideal for pasta, cereal and more Coordinates well with all decor styles
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 Customer Reviews

Perfect size and excellent quality
I really love these corelle 12oz bowls, these bowls are very beautiful and perfect size for dry or gravy food, i am indian and we used to eat vegetables and curry dishes everyday, these bowls are very useful for me, I ordered 2 set of 4( 12oz ) bowls and I already have 4 bowls I bought before from walmart store. The quality of bowls are excellent, these white frost color bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe but these are NOT unbreakable, it can be break if fall from height, you have to careful for it.
I use these bowls in daily routine and as well as for guests too, i love the size of these bowls these are perfect for me and my 11 year old girl too because these are lightweight, i got these bowls in very good packing , it came in good quality corelle packing, but i notice one thing that is corelle logo on back side of these bowls, the brand logo is different from the bowls snd dinnerware I bought before from walmart store, but i think corelle changed their logo print on their products, i am truly satisfied and happy with my purchase and would love to buy corelle for lifetime, I would recommend To buy these 12 oz bowls. I am also uploading pictures of these bowls for help.
Thank you Walmart and corelle for these affordable bowls.navneet
These are small snack bowls. They are the expected quality Corelle is known for. I was looking for larger bowls, but these are a great edition to our plate ware!Jennifer
These bowls are great. I got these because they look better than plastic, hold up better than plastic, and could go in the microwave safely. I wanted something that I could let my kids use and not worry about. This was what I came up with. I felt like if one got broke it wouldn't hurt my feelings but these are so durable that I don't even worry about that aspect anymore. I don't think they CAN break anymore after having had these now for a year with a 3 and a 10 year old. They are very durable.

I've never had a problem with any of them retaining stains from food. They are just as white as the day that I purchased them. No cracks, no breaking, no stains. They are perfect.JKT1832

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