Copper Chef 8" Round Fry Pan

Brand Name Copper Chef
Model 752356812447
Rating ★★★★☆ 
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The ultimate non-stick cooking experience! Prepare succulent, home cooked meals without added fats or oils. It goes from any stovetop to oven to table with 850 degrees heat resistance. Stainless steel induction plate gives you superior heat conduction and perfect, even cooking every single time. Perfect for any surface: electric, gas, ceramic or induction.

Copper Chef 8" Round Fry PanCopper Chef 8" Round Fry PanCopper Chef 8" Round Fry PanCopper Chef 8" Round Fry Pan
Copper Chef 8" Round Fry Pan
8 inch non-stick pan from Copper Chef comes with lifetime warranty
Works in oven and on all stove tops!Cook your favorite dishes whether broiled, baked, sauted, fried, steamed, or braised
Stainless steel induction plate for fast and even cooking
PFOA & PTFE free
No need for oils, butter, or grease
Heat resistant up to 850?Ǭ?

 Customer Reviews

Great product!
My son purchased some of these skillets to hold them over while their furniture was being delivered to their new house. After using them, they decided to keep these and store the regular ones! Totally non-stick. Handle doesn't get too hot, and can cook without any grease.killerz
Love this pan! Perfect for eggs!Paula

I cant say enough good things about these pans they cook so well and are so easy to clean you dont need to use cooking spray with them i went and bought the whole setmichelle

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