Copper Chef 10" Round Fry Pan

Brand Name Copper Chef
Model 752356815264
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Try out a versatile everyday pan in your daily routine, that will not only prepare delicious meals but will also make cooking in the kitchen a breeze, with this CopperChef 10" Non-Stick Pan. This 10" Non-Stick Pan is all you need to quickly and easily prepare a wide variety of your tried-and-true recipes, As Seen on TV! With 6 ways to cook, a cerami-tech non-stick coating, and a stainless steel induction plate that cooks fast and evenly, this is the ideal everyday pan to cook all kinds of meals. It works in the oven and on all stove tops, including electric, gas, ceramic, and induction. Heat resistant up to 850& 176;, and dishwasher-safe for an easy, no-fuss clean up, this 10" Non-Stick Pan can take on just about anything you'll throw it's way. Pick one up today and see the difference it makes in your kitchen!

Copper Chef 10" Round Fry PanCopper Chef 10" Round Fry PanCopper Chef 10" Round Fry PanCopper Chef 10" Round Fry Pan
Copper Chef 10" Round Fry Pan
Copper Chef 10" Round Fry Pan:Copper Chef's Nonstick Fry Pan allows you to conveniently bake, fry, saute, steam, broil and braise using just one pan5-layer construction:Double-polished PFOA- and PTFE-free ceramic top coating
Base nonstick ceramic coating
Aluminum core
High temp exterior coating
Stainless steel induction base
Tough Cerami-Tech nonstick cooking surface provides effortless food release and allows you to cook food without the need for oil and butter
Durable ceramic exterior features a stainless steel induction plate that conducts heat fast without any hotspots and retains heat longer
Compatible with all stove types, including induction
No scrubbing or scraping
Riveted handles for secure grip
Oven safe, dishwasher safe

 Customer Reviews

Awesome Cooper Chef 10 inch Round Fry Pan
Works as advertised.easy to clean,light butter nor grease needed.I like this Cooper Chef 10 inch Round Fry far so good.even heat Dispersed .William
Best pan I ever purchased!
Bought expensive big name non-stick cookware set and for the price they should have been great. After just a few uses food started sticking, especially eggs! Bought this copper pan because I always wanted to try one. Oh my gosh!! By far the best pan on the market in my opinion!! I want to buy more and throw away all my other ones!Chloe
Absolutely LOVE this pan!
Absolutely LOVE this pan! I have a larger square Copper Chef with a glass lid, and I love it. My T-Fal pans were beginning to stick, so I bought this Copper Chef frying pan. Going to be my new go-to brand.TikaW

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