Cook Pro 2.5-Quart Double Boiler

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Brand Name Cook Pro
Model HWCP579
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Get your kitchen ready for culinary success with the Cook Pro 2.5-Quart Double Boiler. This is a useful tool for preventing scorching, scalding or burning on a variety of foods. It's a worthwhile choice for melting chocolate and cheese, simmering milk, preparing sauces and more. This item comes in resilient, highly polished stainless steel that resists discoloration and corrosion. It includes a tempered glass lid that enables you to keep a close eye on your food while it's cooking. Stay-cool handles with hanging loops make handling and storage safer and easier. This 2.5-quart double boiler pot is versatile and makes an excellent choice for everyday meal preparation. It's dishwasher safe for cleanup convenience.

Cook Pro 2.5-Quart Double BoilerCook Pro 2.5-Quart Double Boiler
Cook Pro 2.5-Quart Double Boiler
Cook Pro 2.5-Quart Double Boiler:Made of highly polished stainless steel
Stay-cool handles with hanging loops
Stainless steel double boiler with tempered glass lid

 Customer Reviews

Great Double Boiler!!
After many failed attempts at melting chocolate consistently I knew that I needed to just pull the trigger and buy a double boiler. Sure, I've used a pot of water with a glass bowl over it, but it is a little bit of a pain to use that method and it cumbersome to handle. I searched around and saw that most double boilers were at least $30.00 or more. I just couldn't pay that much money for something that I don't use super often. Thank goodness this double boiler is available!! Not only was it a great price but it works like a DREAM. Easy to use, easy to clean. It melted my chocolate so fast it was amazing and the glass lid is extremely helpful to see what I'm melting. Would absolutely recommend this for anyone who wants to melt food consistently and evenly without the hassle of jimmy-rigging a double boiler.Starchild22222
I like it. I had to make candy with it.
I make a lot of candy for christmas and dip most of it is dipped in choloate. I will use it a lot.octobermoon1062

Quick delivery. I've already used it and found the quality of the pots to be very nice.Patricia

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