Coleman 5 Pieces Aluminum Camping Mess Kits

Brand Name Coleman
Model 2000025205
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When you're out camping or backpacking, fit everything you need to make and enjoy a hearty meal in a kit the size of a pie pan with the Coleman Rugged 1-Person Mess Kit. Made of lightweight aluminum, it includes a frying pan, pot with lid, deep-dish plate, and aluminum cup that all nest together and are held shut by the collapsible handle. It's easy to carry on the trail and when you're done with your meal, the non-stick coating makes it easy to wipe down at the campsite.

Coleman 5 Pieces Aluminum Camping Mess KitsColeman 5 Pieces Aluminum Camping Mess Kits
Coleman 5 Pieces Aluminum Camping Mess Kits
5-piece kit includes 7" frying pan, 6 oz pot with lid, 6.5" deep-dish plate and 8 oz aluminum cup. Nesting design and collapsible handle for compact storage. Non-stick surface for easy cleaning. Rugged, rust-resistant aluminum construction. Weighs only 9 oz  for easy carrying
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 Customer Reviews

Really great.
This product was great. I used it a scout camps many times and it got dropped and kicked and stepped on by other scouts. It has been good. Thank you coleman!Wesley
perfect camp mess kit!
I have always used the exceptionally inexpensive, aluminum Coleman mess kit. For $5 they always did their job. Unfortunately, they were also subject to easy warping and could be hard to clean off if foods burned to them.

This kit, while more than $5, is still ridiculously affordable. Testing it out I noticed this version felt more substantial and sturdier. It was certainly a breeze to clean thanks to the non-stick coating.

These kits are my favorite option for minimal camping weight and mess. They nest into each other wonderfully and pack away easily, taking up little space in my pack.

Time and continual use will tell how well this product holds up, but for now I am very pleased and very satisfied. I would gladly buy another.Nick
Used on Girl Scout Trip- did not hold up
We tried to use this at our latest girl scout camp out. The girls tried to use the fry pan to cook toast on the fire and the pans did not hold up. The bottom burned and started to bubble. Also the bottoms of the pans easily scratched when the girls tried to cut their food. For a first camping trip they did not hold up well.M Grasso

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