Coghlan's Steel 10" Nail Peg, Tent Stake, Great for Hard Ground, Bulk

Brand Name Coghlan's
Model 8313-W
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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Coghlan's 10” Steel Nail Pegs are made of heavy-duty plated steel and will reliably penetrate the hardest ground. These work great with medium to large tents, awnings, gazebos or hunting blinds. Featuring a bright orange hook piece, these pegs are easy to spot and simple to secure guy lines to. Coghlan's has been selling high-quality and affordable outdoor accessories for over 60 years. Whether you plan on going hiking, RVing, biking, fishing, hunting, going to the beach, or just spending time in the backyard, Coghlan's has you covered with over 500 items to make spending time outdoors more fun. Our product line includes firestarters, matches, tinder, lighters, cookware, camping accessories, emergency and survival items, ropes, bungee cords, straps, tent pegs, shovels, hatchets, tools, repair items, games and activities, rainwear, air pumps, insect protection, lights, signaling devices, compasses, whistles, broilers, grillers, travel accessories, waterproof storage, water-resistant storage, carabiners, pop-up containers and more.

Coghlan's Steel 10" Nail Peg, Tent Stake, Great for Hard Ground, BulkCoghlan's Steel 10" Nail Peg, Tent Stake, Great for Hard Ground, Bulk
Coghlan's Steel 10" Nail Peg, Tent Stake, Great for Hard Ground, Bulk
Coghlan's 10" Nail Pegs: Made of heavy duty plated steel Penetrates the hardest ground Length: 10"

 Customer Reviews

We use these to mark dog droppings in the yard
We live in an area where there are lot of dogs and unfortunately the area around our house is not fenced so we get a lot of dog droppings on our lawn.
We also have a dog- we have used these tent stakes as markers in the yard once has done his business. It's been very helpful to figure which neighbor dog has been using our yard, since we started using these tent stakes we've had less incidents in our yard.
They are easy to see because of the orange plastic marker thats built into the stake and basically remove the poop ans stakes before mowing.amyjoth
Great stakes for hard ground.
These are long, heavy duty stakes that hold my sunbrella down really well when my grandkids are.playing outside in their little pool. I dont have to worry about a breeze taking it away.yankeegirlmass
best trustworthy solid anchors/ hard ground w ease
these are the best sturdy stakes I replace all tent and canopy little dinky stakes with these they go thru hard tough ground and rocky, gravel and pebbles with ease with a household metal hammer. they protect canopy's and tents from high winds with a solid 10' anchor. I use canopy for work in windy kansas and avid campers.marnie

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