Coghlan'S Deluxe Map Compass

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Brand Name Coghlan's
Model COG9685
Rating ★★★¾☆ 
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This deluxe map compass features a liquid dampened needle and see-through base with inches and millimeters.

Coghlan'S Deluxe Map CompassCoghlan'S Deluxe Map Compass
Coghlan'S Deluxe Map Compass
Coghlan's Deluxe Map Compass:Scale in inches and millimeters
Liquid dampened needle
See-through base
Rotating housing
Instructions included

 Customer Reviews

Excellent compass for anyone. Good Quality
It is durable. I have had mine on hikes for at least a couple of years and it works well, still. It is inexpensive, but seems as accurate and easy to use than more expensive compasses. It has a long base plate that makes it easy to line up points on the map.
Light weight for backpacking. Graduations to 2 degrees. Only a small luminous point on the N needle.Pliny
Terrible. Came broken
If that way is North - we are in trouble.Ian


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