Coghlans Campheat Emergency Folding Stove

Brand Name Coghlan's
Model 159132
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Ideal for camping, tailgating, picnics and more. It has a coated-steel construction that provides durability and stability while cooking. The Folding Stove folds down when it is not in use for easy storage. Bring the stove with you wherever you go to evenly cook your food.Features:- Burns Coghlan's Camp Heat or any other type of canned fuel or solidified alcohol- Coated steel construction is strong enough to hold a heavy pot- Front door and sides protect flame from wind- Folds flat for easy carryingSpecifications:- Size: 6.5" W x 6.5" D x 5" H- Weight: Approximately 16 oz.

Coghlans Campheat Emergency Folding StoveCoghlans Campheat Emergency Folding Stove
Coghlans Campheat Emergency Folding Stove
Coghlans Camp
Heat Emergency Folding Stove
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 Customer Reviews

Best canned heat mini stove.
This will be your best canned heat mini folding stove you could ever hope to find. It truly is well made and made for endless uses. This can be used indoors, with a tiny amount of ventilation, so in a real sense, when the grid goes down, heat yourself a cup of water, add some instant coffee and realize how smart you are to have it. This unit is rugged, so it very well be useful with self lighting charcoal, as well.William

Nice, compact, easily portable and blocks wind. Can only heat up small item so good idea t get 2 or just get the 2 burner Coleman camping stove. for regular size pots/pans.Julie
Great Product!!
This little stove is very sturdy and heavy duty. I like that I can sit a pot or a skillet on there without worrying that the stove may collaspe. Also like that it has walls to keep the wind from blowing out the sterno after it's lit. I highly recommend this product. It gets the job done! Is very well made!Becky

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