Coghlan's Camp Grill

Brand Name Coghlan's
Model 8775
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Coghlan's Camp Grill folds flat for easy storage or packing. Made from strong nickel-plated steel, this grill is designed to support cookware easily and securely.

Coghlan's Camp GrillCoghlan's Camp Grill
Coghlan's Camp Grill
Coghlan's Camp Grill Folds flat for easy storage or packing Strong nickel-plated steel design securely holds cookware Grill surface: 12” x 24”
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 Customer Reviews

Inexpensive but functional and surprisingly sturdy
I found this grill an excellent accessory for cooking fires set in a raised fire ring--I simply placed the grill across the existing ring, with no need to extend the built-in legs. I can see how it might be difficult to properly place the grill in some situations.

Build quality is excellent, though the nice shiny chrome finish will discolor pretty quickly if you're using this over a wood fire.

I would not suggest using this grill to support a cast iron dutch oven or other heavy pan, but it did a great job for burgers, hot dogs, and making toast.cjstuff
Sturdy, nice and large too, Steel chrome plated
I just received mine and haven't used it yet, but it's just perfect! I bought it to use over our metal fire pit, as the ones designed for that are expensive. This fits nicely with the legs sticking out and I'll wire it in just to be safe. It'll serve a double purpose as it folds and would be great for camping as it's designed to do. It's roomy and large so I don't think it would serve as a backpack grill. My first purchase was a round grill grate made of porcelain and when it arrived it had a California lead warning in very fine print on the backside. This grill does not have that warning so we can put food safely on it with no worries.love2garden22
glad I bought
this thing is cool,it sits real good for campingBudllite

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