Chicago Cutlery 5" Boning Knife

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Brand Name Chicago Cutlery
Model 62SP
Rating ★★★★½ 
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10" overall. 5" high carbon stainless blade. Walnut handle. Full tang. Full tang. Exclusive Taper Grind edge for maximum sharpness. Hang packaged.

Chicago Cutlery 5" Boning Knife
Chicago Cutlery 5" Boning Knife
Boning Knife
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 Customer Reviews

A national treasure
I have used a set of walnut handled Chicago cutlery knives since my wedding in 1950. As I raised a large family and was A frequent hostess for dinner parties my knives have given me great service and value over the years. I lost the original 3 inch paring knife and two of the slim blade knives probably wrapped up with the residue of all The vegetables I have cut up. So I was very happy to find The slim blade still available. I have also purchased the all metal knife set But I am much happier with the old walnut handle style. Thank you for helping keep this old time chef happy in her kitchenThe pearl mesta Of Chicag
Well satisfied
I have used Chicago cutlery for over 50 years - I was a farm wife and we butchered our own beef, hogs, chickens and turkeys..........never had any problems with the knives..........Karen
First Class Quality
I bought a replacement knife for a set I bought decades ago. I rejuvenated the old knives' handles with butcher block conditioner. They still look as nice as they did 25 years ago! On rare occasion, I take the set to a hardware store for sharpening. Great set! Top quality at a reasonable price.Littlebirdie55

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