The SE CC4580 Military Lensatic and Prismatic Sighting Survival Emergency Compass is the ultimate direction finder. PRODUCT FEATURES: -Thermo-elastic liquid-filled capsule with floating dial -Rotating bezel ring -Ruler units on the sides measuring inches and centimeters -Built-in bubble level -Folding thumb ring -Tripod screw hole on base -Adjustable diopter sighting lens -Sighting lines on cover -Conversion chart for angle, gradient and distance on ...



Never get lost again with the Stansport Map Compass. With a high-impact plastic case and easy-to-grip rotating ring with 2deg increments for accurate reading, this compass is a map's best friend. The declination scale means you can adjust for true north and measures length and distance on a map. Lanyard is included. Easy-To-Grip Rotating Bezel Declination Scale Measures Length And Distance Built-In Ruler ...



Coghlan's Compass Thermometer incorporates two practical outdoor instruments in one - a liquid-filled compass and glow-in-the-dark dial for orienteering in low light situations. This compass with thermometer includes temperature scales in Fahrenheit and Celsius. It also comes with a convenient belt clip and lanyard for easy and hands-free mobility. This item makes a wonderful addition to your outdoor gear for hiking, camping, fishing ...



The perfect backpacker's compass clips to your zipper or backpack and features a rotating bezel with direction setting arrow. Quickly check your bearings at a glance. Coghlan's Trail Compass:Liquid filled capsuleRotating bezel with direction setting arrowQuickly check your bearing at a glance"Go anywhere" compass has plastic clip for attaching to backpack or jacket zipper



Stay oriented with the Coghlans Map Compass, 8162. Use the see-through base with three scales in conjunction with a topographic map to keep on course, map a route or determine your location. The liquid-filled compass housing and a luminous pointer enable smooth and swift positioning even in dim light or dark. Coghlan's 8162 Map Compass:Features include a see-through base and rotating, liquid-filled housingBase ...



GARMIN 9-AXIS HEADING SENSOR 9-Axis Heading SensorPremium solution for exceptional heading accuracy. The 9-axis heading sensor is the premium solution that is easy to install and provides fast calibration and exceptional heading accuracy.Features:Provides exceptional heading accuracy, even at lower speeds or when bow is pitching, rolling or heeling overHeading accuracy of plus or minus 2 degreesHeading and rate-of-turn output at 10 Hz; trim ...



The Cammenga Destinate Model D3-T Tritium ProtractorCompass incorporates all the same high quality parts andmaterials that are in the Model 3H Tritium Lensatic Compass, theOfficial U.S. Military Compass. The D3-T is built to the samedemanding specifications and quality of all Cammenga compasses.Battle tested through rigorous shock, water, sand proof, andfunctional from -50 F to +150 F.Six Tritium Micro Lights allow for navigation in ...