This deluxe map compass features a liquid dampened needle and see-through base with inches and millimeters. Coghlan's Deluxe Map Compass:Scale in inches and millimetersLiquid dampened needleSee-through baseRotating housingInstructions included



A liquid filled ball-type compass assures the dial is always upright. Luminous directional arrow and sturdy brass pin. Coghlans Ball Pin-On Compass



Pinpoint your location with precision with the Coghlan's Lensatic Compass. This classic navigation tool is ideal for trekking and mountaineering. At just 8'' x 4.5'' x 1.25'', the Coghlan's compass has a compact size that fits easily in any pocket or backpack. The tool is also ideal for helping you find your way through unfamiliar surroundings, from city streets to back country trails. ...



Coghlan's Compass Thermometer incorporates two practical outdoor instruments in one - a liquid-filled compass and glow-in-the-dark dial for orienteering in low light situations. This compass with thermometer includes temperature scales in Fahrenheit and Celsius. It also comes with a convenient belt clip and lanyard for easy and hands-free mobility. This item makes a wonderful addition to your outdoor gear for hiking, camping, fishing ...



The perfect backpacker's compass clips to your zipper or backpack and features a rotating bezel with direction setting arrow. Quickly check your bearings at a glance. Coghlan's Trail Compass:Liquid filled capsuleRotating bezel with direction setting arrowQuickly check your bearing at a glance"Go anywhere" compass has plastic clip for attaching to backpack or jacket zipper



Stay oriented with the Coghlans Map Compass, 8162. Use the see-through base with three scales in conjunction with a topographic map to keep on course, map a route or determine your location. The liquid-filled compass housing and a luminous pointer enable smooth and swift positioning even in dim light or dark. Coghlan's 8162 Map Compass:Features include a see-through base and rotating, liquid-filled housingBase ...



Coghlan's 9714 Zipper Pull Thermometer with Compass, For Outdoor Coghlan's 9714 Zipper Pull Thermometer with CompassCoghlan's 9714 Zipper Pull Thermometer with CompassFor Outdoor