Mainstays 48" Fold-in-Half Table, Rich Black

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Provide all of the table space that you need in all kinds of settings with the Mainstays 48" Fold-in-Half Table in Rich Black. This versatile rectangular table is sturdy and durable, made with reliable materials, and folds for easy storage and transportation. When you're finished using it, just fold in the metal legs, fold the table in half, and your newly compact table is ready for transport! Its classic black color is sure to fit in at any gathering in any setting, and it's spacious expanded 40" long table-top is ideal for holding a wide variety of foods, crafts, or whatever items you are working with! It's great for everyday use both indoors and outdoors, as a serving table, craft supply table, outdoor meal table, or for whatever purposes you may need. The plastic table top is easy to clean with no fuss - just wipe down with a damp cloth, and it will look as good as new! The carrying handle makes it perfect for taking on-the-go, for outdoor barbecues, game nights, school activities, parties or tailgating events. The table comfortably seats 6-8 adults, so all of your friends and family can be included. Be prepared for whatever may come your way with the Mainstays 4' Fold-in-Half Table in Rich Black!

Mainstays 48" Fold-in-Half Table, Rich BlackMainstays 48" Fold-in-Half Table, Rich BlackMainstays 48" Fold-in-Half Table, Rich BlackMainstays 48" Fold-in-Half Table, Rich BlackMainstays 48" Fold-in-Half Table, Rich BlackMainstays 48" Fold-in-Half Table, Rich Black
Mainstays 48" Fold-in-Half Table, Rich Black
  • Rectangular folding table: 48"L x 24"W x 28"H
  • Comfortably seats between 6 and 8 adults
  • Ultra-convenient table folds away to near-flat for easy storage and transport to anywhere you need some extra table space
  • A classic black color that is sure to coordinates with almost any décor
  • Includes built-in carry handle for easy transportation
  • Table can adjust to 3 heights for added versatility
  • Perfect for serving snacks at your next party, using on game night with your friends, or as your craft table and much more, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Perfect for serving snacks at your next party, using on game night with your friends, or as your craft table
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 Customer Reviews

staying in a motel with out sutcase rack or closet gate to put shirt and pants on. grate because agostabel legs ,will fit between the bed and wall too. I cant bend like I use to so able to get to them a lot ezerpapalovett
Awesome purchase. Table top is designed so that you can use it to write as well. it folds and can be adjusted. I love it! I use it for my newly 2 & 3 year olds......adults can also use itNycz
unstable? really?
if you consider what this product is, and what it is not, you wouldn't call this product unstable. what it is is 2 halves of a plastic table hinged together standing on lightweight tubular legs. it is not a solid table with immovable joints and legs made of wood or steel.Randall
Great table foldable and capable...
Very useful table. Adjustable to two different heights and foldable! what else we can expect in one table? I believe this table is perfect for many kind of usages. Myself personally I have two of them. I'm using this table when I visit my mom and my sister and I'm working on those tables with my computer and two monitors. When I leave we store those tables in small cabinet. We took those tables to pic-nicks and to the beach. We put this as an extension of the main dining room's table for family reunions. So as you can see this table is versatile with good materials to stand different kind of usage.eightpassenger
Just big enough for setting items on while organizing. Will also be handy to set food upon when entertaining.Happy
Light and easy to use
I picked this up for a beach party. I like how light it is, and how easy it is to set up and take down.XP13
Read the above comments
This is the second table I have ordered in a week. Once I got the first table for my sewing room. I decided to get one for my husband for our bedroom. I really like these tables. They are sturdy enough for what they will be used for.Mom19662
Very Small Table, Be Sure To Measure
I ordered this because I needed extra seating for a family reveal party. Since it was for family, I put it fairly close to my Cosco table. So everyone could kind of sit near eachother. I was under the impression that it was about the same length, widthS
Tipsy table
I purchased the table because we needed something that was portable for our duet speech team. However, this table is even less sturdy than a traditional "card" table with folding legs.TeacherCoach

The box was in good shape, but the vinyl and foam cover of the table had a torn area. Returned the table to Walmart. This experience deters future online purchase from Walmart.JanetN

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