Farberware Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware 6-Piece Set

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Even basic cooking steps get better when the kitchen go-to pots and pans include the durable, convenient Farberware Cookware 6-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set. For more than a century, generations of home cooks turned to Farberware for cookware that is practical, convenient and versatile. This handy six-piece set delivers those qualities in four essential pans and pots — two non-stick skillets, a covered saucepan and a Dutch oven. Ideal for everything from everyday cooking to preparing a special meal for family and friends, the set includes a pair of aluminum non-stick skillets that heat quickly and evenly with fewer hot spots that can burn foods. The stainless steel saucepan and Dutch oven feature full-cap magnetized stainless steel bases that promote fast, balanced heating on all stove tops, including induction.

Farberware Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware 6-Piece SetFarberware Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware 6-Piece SetFarberware Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware 6-Piece SetFarberware Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware 6-Piece SetFarberware Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware 6-Piece SetFarberware Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware 6-Piece SetFarberware Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware 6-Piece Set
Farberware Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware 6-Piece Set

Farberware Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware 6-Piece Set:
  • 2 qt Covered Saucepan, 5 qt Covered Dutch Oven, 8" Polished Aluminum Non-stick Skillet, 10" Polished Aluminum Non-stick Skillet
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction for even cooking performance, easy food release and fast cleanup
  • Non-stick skillets feature polished aluminum construction to ensure fast and even heating in pans that need it most
  • Full-cap magnetized stainless steel bases are suitable for all stovetops, including induction
  • Saucepan and Dutch oven are dishwasher safe and double-riveted rubberized cookware handles enable a firmer grip for more confident pan support
  • Oven safe to 350 degrees F, with shatter-resistant glass lids on the saucepan and stockpot and the set is Guaranteed for Life

 Customer Reviews

Just The Right Size
Been using Farberware cookware for over thirty years, my first 5qt pot is still in great shape.
That is the reason I pick to review, Farberwave Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware 6-piece Set.
You get two non-stick frying pans sizes 8" and 10", 2qt sauce pan, 5qt pot, plus with two glass
lids. The larger lit can be use on the 10" frying pan too. (Attached are two photos of the lids on the pots.)
The handles are something I have not seen after, all the handles of the pot are softer for you
can get a firmer grip of the handles. The pots are not heavy. They are dishwasher safe,
that's good. The price is not expensive. This cookware set size is just the right size, not to
much. Good for a family to use for cooking. I looking forward to using these pots.

You have a lifetime warranty with Farberware. With this set they included Information Safety
Use and Care Information, I love that they put Pet Warning, it is Number 2 on the list
(which I don't know about). A lot of good information in this Safety and care Information booklet.SarahSueMookie
Good Cookware for the price!
The Faberware Stainless Steal Kitchen Cookware
6-piece set is a great value for the price I was pleasantly surprised
At the quality of this Cookware over the years I have bought lots of different
Brands and truthfully I have paid a lot more than what this cost
( I did get this free to review it ) I found the Faberware to be a very good alternative
If your on a budget, the 6- piece set comes with a 2qt and a 5qt covered saucepans
That are dishwasher safe and also comes with a 8" and 10"
Polished aluminum non stick skillets and has sturdy stainless steel construction
for even cooking, I first fried and egg no oil and it did not
stick at all it slid right off the pan and I used the 10"pan
to fry 4 tenderloin chops without oil and it did beautifully
they did not stick and it browned them perfectly and clean
up was a breeze, I am really pleased with the performance
of the Faberware Cookware set and will happily recommend it to friends and family
and anyone else looking for good, reasonably priced Cookware , try this you may love it, I do!Jordan1993
A Good Inexpensive Set
The Farberware Stainless Steel Kitchen 6-pc Cookware Set includes a 5 QT Dutch oven pot with a lid, a 2 QT pot with a lid, a 10 IN non-stick skillet and an 8 IN non-stick skillet. The lids make the cookware set to be 6 pieces of course. The lid of the Dutch oven pot fits the 10 IN skillet. First of all I'd like to say I was pleasantly surprised because I didn't expect much. Well to my surprise, it's a pretty good inexpensive set. On the bottom of the pots it has etched "Durable Stainless Steel" and "Impact Bonded Even Heat Distribution" The bottoms of the pots seem to be molded to the pot itself and to me that's where the quality is. I like the handles which are dark grey and attached quite well and the size of knobs on the lids. So enough of description and how well do they cook? Nothing stuck after cooking oatmeal for my grandchildren in the 5 QT pot and pancakes in the 10 IN skillet. They were both an easy clean up. However I sautéed spinach in the 5 QT pot and I guess from the heat the drop of oil left a slight discoloration in the pot and that same discoloration on the bottom. I tried to scrub it with a non-scratch scrub sponge to avoid messing up the cookware but I'll have to get the stainless steel cleaner. Overall, I would recommend this set but not to use it on high heat.sunshin514
Great starter set for home or college
I haven't used stainless-steel cookware since I was a little girl using Mom's vintage Revere Ware, so I was curious to see how well this Farberware set would cook and clean up. The set arrived double-boxed and very well-padded, so all pieces were in pristine condition. A "magnet test" revealed that, although the saucepan and Dutch oven are stainless steel, the 2 nonstick skillets are aluminum, so induction cooktop owners (I'm not one yet) will need to supplement with an induction-ready skillet or two. The Dutch oven lid also fits on the 10" open skillet, but the saucepan lid is too small to fit on the 8" skillet.

I wanted to confirm the "oven-safe to 350 degrees" characteristic of both the stainless steel and aluminum pieces in this set, so I baked frozen meatballs in the Dutch oven and reheated leftover BBQ meat from a restaurant in the large skillet. Both pans were lightly greased, and the skillet was covered with aluminum foil (since I didn't think the lids would be oven-safe). Both the meatballs and the BBQ meat released cleanly and left little or no residue to clean up (hot soapy water and a quick wipe with a damp dishrag were all that was required).

On the stovetop, I boiled water for pasta in the Dutch oven (smaller than the stockpot I normally use, but adequate for the task), made several somewhat sticky dishes (macaroni & cheese, flavored rice from a mix, and lightly doctored canned pork & beans) in the saucepan, and stir-fried veggies in the skillets. The only time the handles ever got hot in stovetop use was with the mac & cheese, as my college-age "sous chef" had initially turned the range burner up to high (to quickly bring the macaroni cooking water to a boil). Other than that, I followed the manufacturer's instructions to cook at no more than medium heat. There was no sticking with either the nonstick skillet or the boiled pasta in the Dutch oven. What little sticking there was in the saucepan did not burn on, and cleaned up quite easily with a brief soak in hot soapy water, followed by a quick wipe with a damp dishrag (no scouring products required). My spouse the dishwasher commented that the saucepan was actually easier to clean up than the plates we had eaten off of!

This isn't a huge set by any means, and avid home cooks with the storage space for more cookware will either want to supplement this set heavily or just buy a larger cookware set to start with. However, as a starter set for college students, singles or newlyweds in a first home or apartment, this would be perfect. This would also work nicely in a vacation home or RV, as well as for induction burner owners who already have an induction-safe skillet (if you don't, try a cast-iron skillet from your local Walmart). Although the minimal manufacturer's instructions are not specific to this set, a little common sense added to them will suffice to figure out how to care and use for this Farberware Stainless Steel 6-piece cookware set. Recommended!MccfamschoolMom
Very nice set
I was pleasantly surprised with this set. It is quite heavy and has a super sturdy feel.
There are 2 pans and 2 pots. The 2 pots have really nice glass lids and are also very heavy duty.
The lid to the larger pot also fits the 10" pan.
The 10" pot is all stainless steel and would be perfect for stews, roasts and such, and is 5" deep. Has lid.
The 7" pot is also stainless steel. Great for gravies, veggies, soups, etc. and is also 5" deep. Has lid.
The 10" pan is stainless steel with non stick coating inside. The 10" pot lid also fits this pan.
The 8" pan is also stainless steel with a non stick coating on the inside.
I love the 8" pan for frying one egg or making a grilled cheese sandwich. And the 10" pot is super for making my special chili and beans. Makes enough to put some away in the freezer.
All in all, I would definetely recommend this set. It looks really sharp too!MissVelvet
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