Farberware Millennium Stainless Steel Cookware 10-Piece Set, Stainless Steel

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From creating large feasts during the holidays to whipping up quick individual meals in a flash, this versatile collection helps create a variety of delicious dishes, from mains to sides. Boil up a batch of lasagna noodles or simmer hardy vegetable beef soup for a crowd in the big sturdy stock pot. Sear all variety of meats on the stovetop in the saute pan, which can also move to the oven to finish cooking. No matter whether the family craves a simple egg scramble or chicken apple sausage with potatoes, making breakfast is easy in the stylish skillets. Technology and convenience come together beautifully in Farberware Millennium Stainless Steel Nonstick. Solid stainless steel construction and a fully encapsulated, thick aluminum base create a durable, even-heating stylish addition to the kitchen. The DuPont Teflon Professional with Metal Guard nonstick surface has great food release and is metal utensil safe.

Farberware Millennium Stainless Steel Cookware 10-Piece Set, Stainless Steel:
  • The Farberware Millennium Stainless Steel collection features solid stainless steel construction with a beautiful mirror-finish exterior
  • The stainless steel base fully encapsulates a thick aluminum core to provide exceptional heat distribution
  • The DuPont Teflon Professional with Metal Guard nonstick is long-lasting and metal utensil safe
  • The tempered glass lids allow cooking to be monitored without losing heat or moisture
  • Stainless steel handles are securely riveted to cookware for added durability and are oven safe to 500 degrees F
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

 Customer Reviews

Great Set of Cookware for Induction Cooktops
I bought this set (from another source) just after Thanksgiving to use with my new induction cooktop and I absolutely love it. They are beautiful, easy to clean, heat evenly and the skillets especially are the perfect sizes. I love the glass lids which have helped me learn to cook on the new induction cook top since I can easily see what's going on.

My only complaint is that the handles on the LIDS, not the pots themselves, become very hot even though there are insulators between the lid and the handle. I have to remember to use a towel or pot holder. The only other complaint is that I wich the 2Qt sauce pan was a 3Qt instead. But it hasn't been much of an issue. I purchsed a non-stick stainless steel 3Qt pan and I wish I had waited until I found a non-stick one like this set.

I think this is the best option out there for induction cooktops.HooustonBelle
Excellent Non-stick Cookware for Glass Cooktop
My least favorite thing about my new home was the glass cooktop. I searched to find cookware that was non-stick and flat so food would cook evently. My old cookware was warped from years of gas cooking. Purchased a highly recommended stainless steel cookware set and tried to fry potatoes. They wouldn't even brown. Neeless to say I returned that cookware.
This set cooks everything well. I've been using them two months and they are durable, easy to keep clean, and beautiful. I expect to have them for years to come.
You will love this cookware! Even a begining cook will get excellent results.Sojourner51
Not for everyday use
When you use this product with a normal electric stove and cook daily for your family the nonstick surface wares out and Meyers Corp. will not stand behind their warranty they will say that pan has been overheated or you abused them by daily use. These pans are only good if you ccok on the rarest of occasions. Know you can not depend on the Corp. standing by their LIMITED Warranty. I and more then 3 friends have found this out the hard way. I guess its pretty easy to overheat something with such thin side walls you can do better with another non Meyers brand. If you call corp offices they will not take the time to return you calls either management does not care at all.BigGator
Do Not Buy--
This set looks great and I bought two sets for my sons for Christmas since they were starting out on their own. I have the Farberware Classic set that I LOVE. I've had it for 35 years and it still looks great and cooks like a dream. I thought I would be getting something equal to it but with an updated look. Everything--and I mean everything--burns. You have to watch it like a hawk, constantly stir and even then it can overcook and burn. Clean up is a nightmare. I wish I had known this before buying two sets.San Diego Mom
Great buy
I purchased this Farberware line for my induction cook plate. I can designate exact temperatures and times. This cookware is very easy to clean and use if you don't use heat that are too high. I've had the quart size pot for over a year and it still looks like new. I added the 3 quart size and I'm very happy with it. I wish I'd bought the whole set at one time. I'm saving up for that.Trudy
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