Cuisinart Stainless 13 Piece Cookware Set

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The ultimate in style and versatility, the Cuisinart Contour® Stainless 13-piece cookware collection offers home chefs all the tools they need to prepare a family breakfast, a simple weeknight dinner, or a multi-course gourmet dinner for guests.

Cuisinart Stainless 13 Piece Cookware SetCuisinart Stainless 13 Piece Cookware SetCuisinart Stainless 13 Piece Cookware SetCuisinart Stainless 13 Piece Cookware SetCuisinart Stainless 13 Piece Cookware SetCuisinart Stainless 13 Piece Cookware Set
Cuisinart Stainless 13 Piece Cookware Set
  • Classic Stainless Performance- Stainless steel surface doesn't react with food or alter flavors – the most elegant and efficient cooking material.
  • Superior Heat Distribution- Pure aluminum-encapsulated base heats up quickly and enables even heat distribution for consistent results. No more hot spots!
  • Keep Cooking Cool- Maintain a solid grip with the always cool, always secure stick handles, contoured to your hand for extra comfort.
  • Convenient Tempered Glass Covers- Sleek, flat glass lids with stainless rims seal in moisture and flavor. Glass is tempered for durability to ensure lasting performance.
  • Ultimate Cooking Versatility- Oven and broiler safe. Freezer safe for easy food storage.
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 Customer Reviews

I love this set. It is my first high quality set I have had. I feel like I have went through cookware like crazy and the others end up being thrown away after wearing out easily. This time I wanted a forever purchase!

If you want it to remain nice you really have to make effort to take care of it. I think powdered stainless steel cleansers like bar keepers friend or comet are absolutely necessary for this set. Since it it stainless steel a few things stick a little like eggs although it doesn’t stick too bad. You put a little water in it and let it soak for a few minutes. The bar keepers friend or comet and a soft sponge will get it right off and it looks like new again.

I also bought this set because we do not want to eat from cookware with dangerous coatings contaminating our food. This set is exactly what I wanted!

My favorite piece of the set is the stock pot with the colander insert! Cooking pasta is now a breeze! I really do enjoy all of it though and consider this a successful “lifetime” purchase!!!Jdsmomma
Stainless cookware
Love the cookware. My only disappointment is the seam in the lids. When put in the dishwasher the seams looked rusty. The only ones that were not discolored were the lids with the seams that were down.1369
Worth every penny!
Love the design of these pots. They clean easily, and cook evenly.Lisamarie
Beautiful, shiny, durable, and quality set!
I've had a great time with this set. It's my first stainless set, so it took a bit of getting used to in order to feel comfortable with cooking temperatures and not having everything stick. It's advised not to use nonstick cooking spray, but it's the only way I can reliably do a fried egg every time. The pans are not getting discolored or having any build-up because of this.

Overall, the set is beautiful to look at. So shiny! The interiors will scratch, of course, even with a bamboo utensil set. No big deal. My dishwasher cleans them perfectly every time, even with baked on crud.

To be completely honest, this set MAY do some things better than my previous nonstick set can, but so far all I've really noticed is a SLIGHTLY crispier texture on some foods. In the future, I will get a nonstick set because the cleaning and cooking process in these is just a nuisance for a low-level home cook like myself. Again, this set is amazing, it's just not a great match for a generic cook like me.Oxymoronic27
Newly purchased
Great set of cookware with the first month of use.Travis k

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