2112 (remastered) (Remaster) (CD)

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Features 20-bit digital remastering from the original master tapes and enhanced packaging faithful to the original LP release. Tracks include quot;2112,quot; quot;Overture,quot; quot;The Temples of Syrinx,quot; quot;The Dream, quot; quot;Soliloquy,quot; quot;Grand Finale,quot; quot;The Twilight Zone,quot; quot;Lessons,quot; quot;Tears,quot; Something for Nothingquot; and more.

2112 (remastered) (Remaster) (CD)
2112 (remastered) (Remaster) (CD)
2112 (remastered) (Remaster)
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 Customer Reviews

No less rocking for the theme
Even though I'm big into progressive rock, I can be skeptical of 20-minute-long concept songs. Cool and imaginative as they may be, they can get really draggy (Yes's "Revealing Science of God," anyone?). Fortunately, 2112 never sinks into that quagmire. It succeeds by its skillful alternation of melodic ballad and hard-charging rock segments, which result in effective storytelling and song. It can get stuck in my head for quite a while and I don't mind. I'm also a fan of the Ayn-Randian themes that appear here and in the other songs. Not a lot of rockers stand for that, it seems.
The rest of the album is solid if not as engaging, and it continues the switching between soft and heavy. It's got some of my favorite guitar work by Alex Lifeson, but Geddy Lee's voice grates more than it needs to.
All in all, if you like a splash of artsy with your hard classic rock, this is a great addition to your library.Rockman1138



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