Cuisinart 77-14 Chef’s Classic Stainless Cookware Set

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Brand Name Cuisinart
Model 77-14
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The Cuisinart 77-14 Chef’s Classic stainless steel cookware set contains fourteen versatile, durable cookware items that can be used for many different types of cooking. The pieces of cookware that constitute this set are crafted from stainless steel, and have a very shiny, silvery finish. This set is priced incredibly low for its genre, and would make a great gift for a special occasion, home-warming present, or an addition to one’s existing kitchen accessories.

The shiny finish, however, can create problems concerning discoloration, and some complain of the inadequate weight of the cookware items. Some features of this set can also be aggravating, such as the outward-facing lids and unnecessary ridges that collect food. Even with these downsides, the Cuisinart 77-14 Chef’s Classic stainless steel 14-piece cookware set remains an excellent buy, especially for the price at which it is offered.

Besides issues pertaining to the silvery finish, the pot lids can also cause minor amounts of grief for the cook. Unlike the pot handles, the lids become incredibly hot during cooking, and the outward-facing lid edges cause lots of dripping once the lid is removed from a boiling pot. The pasta drainer is also irritating, as the holes are incredibly small, allowing water to drain very slowly. Although this cookware set is a great value, one should be aware of these issues before deciding to purchase it.

Product Highlights

  • 1-1/2-, 3-quart saucepans; 8-, 10-inch skillets; 4-quart saute; 9-quart stockpot; 7-3/4-, 9-1/2-inch steamer inserts; with lids
  • Mirror-polished 18/10 stainless steel with inner core of aluminum for fast, even heating
  • Riveted stainless-steel handles stay cool on the stovetop
  • Matching stainless-steel lids seal in moisture and nutrients
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Oven safe to 500°F. Cook on stovetop, in oven, or under broiler. Freezer safe for easy food storage.

Cuisinart 77-14 Cookware SetThis cookware set by Cuisinart is a great investment for anyone who needs new cookware accessories, as the items contained within this set will last for years, especially if properly maintained. There are some minor issues regarding the shiny finish of the cookware items, but these are simply aesthetic problems that do not affect the usability of the cookware. The only considerable disadvantages of this set are the pot lids and the pasta drainer. For the price at which it is offered, this set of cookware contains incredible accessories that will last for years.

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 Customer Reviews

Excited to cook!!!!!
You can only clean these pots with a S.O.S. pad.
You are unable to use or wipe out the soiled pot with a soft cloth. Otherwise, they heat evenly, they're beautiful and an excellent weight.Bertina
The best cookware ever!!
This set of cookware is fabulous! My cooking time is much better and quicker with the conductivity of the pans and pots. I use to think my stovetop was not heating properly but after the purchase of this set of cookware realized it was not the stove not heating but my crummy old set of cookware. The pots and pans are easy to keep clean even when cooking sticky foods. They have been versatile for me to use with recipes that need to go from cooktop to oven for finishing a dish. I would recommend these for all cooks!!Gulf Coast Dolly
Nice cookware
Very nice pans, I like that they have measurements etched on the inside of them. I would definitely recommend them. I did buy them specific for my new ceramic stove top oven.Dbeach
Perfect for hobbyists without breaking the bank
An amazing and affordable set perfect for those who might want to learn more about cooking and become a bit more serious than hamburger helper.haithcockce
Love, love, love my new pan set!! Ive been hesitant to purchase a stainless set and so glad I did after years of having non-stick! Meals have even tasted better!!jenifer
My favorite
Got a set for Christmas awesome set, they work perfectly cooking Better than any of my other high end ones temperatures cleans off easy wish I had another setRoblowe
Amazing set! Just make sure to use the right soap
It is definitely a treat to cook with this set. I just can't seem to find a non-lemon dish soap. Even if the smell isn't lemon, it has citric acid. So it is getting some real nasty discolorations around. I hope I can get a fix soon. Aside from that, they are amazing!Hugo H
Love the Stainless Steel
I bought these about a month ago. It takes some adjusting when cooking with them not to burn food. The high heat for these are medium high on my electric stove. One piece came with a little dent on the rim of a saucepan. The outer edge of the pans are a little sharp but nothing to serious..after cooking with them for a while I decided they were a good fit for me..Rhondaw
Beautiful cookwear
I bought this set on sale. It's the first time I have had stainless steel cookwear. I am following the directions with low to medium heat (never high). I am scared to ruin them. By following the directions; adding a few drops of dishsoap and soak while cooling down, they seem easy to clean. Some times there is a milky look in the surface but I know they are clean.
I have not noticed my food tasting any different that with my old cookwear.
I still love them though.applekk
Unit Damaged. Claiming for Lifetime Warranty
Around 8 months after the purchase an unit got literally "cracked" , a "crack" just populated in one side, some pictures are attached. I am claiming warranty.Marcelo Torres

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