Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set

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Built to last with time saving features, Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel cookware is designed for durability and easy, everyday cooking. Fill lines make measuring easy, and covers have straining holes that line up with pour spouts to drain liquids without having to use a separate colander. Pans are made from brushed stainless steel with impact-bonded aluminum bases for fast, even heating, and are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. The 10-pc. set includes a great selection of pans that exel at everything from cooking eggs to searing steaks.

Set includes:

  • 8-in. Fry Pan
  • 10-in. Fry Pan
  • 1.5-qt. Sauce Pan & Cover
  • 2.5-qt. Sauce Pan & Cover
  • 3-qt. Sauté Pan & Cover
  • 6-qt. Stock Pot & Cover


  • Designed for durability and easy, everyday cooking.
  • Convenient measuring marks, pour spouts & straining lids
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable stainless steel with impact-bonded aluminum bases for even heating
  • Induction capable
  • Oven and broiler safe
  • Stay-cool stainless steel long handles
  • Clear tempered-glass lids let you see food while it’s cooking
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 Customer Reviews

I purchased this set about 2 months ago and after ever wash (hand wash) there are stains on them. I purchased stainless steel cleaner that worked but I have to use it every time. It’s too much work to have stain free pots. I also have the stainless steel utensil set and they are great. So I assume these pots are made with cheap materialsTiff
I received this set as a Christmas present. After using them the first time and washing them by hand after, I noticed severe discoloration. Did not expect to experience this issue with this brand.TaylorA
What a disappointment
I purchased a 10 piece Caphalon Classic on 1/29/2018. Washed all by hand following the directions. Cooked potatoes in the 3 qt. Washed by hand, noted discoloration on the bottom.white blotches. Used the 6 qt. To cook pasta,same issues.Anitab
Love these pans
I bought this pans 3 weeks ago after my old non stick pots and pans started flaking. I did lots of research on different brands and types of pots/pans (stainless, nonstick, ceramic) I decided to go with the Calphalon stainless steel, though I was worried about cooking on them after always having nonstick pans. It took my about 2 days and watching a couple of YouTube videos to finally figure out how to cook an egg over medium without it sticking, but now I can do it easily. Cooking dinner(hamburger,chicken, pasta) though has been a breeze. Coconut oil helped me a lot with the sticking and Bar Keepers Friend has been a life saver for cleaning up afyerwards. The pans are built well with strong handles. Overall, I love my pans and recommend these to others, it may take a little patience to learn how to cook on it but it is week worth itKgallant
Awful set
I have had these for about 4 months, everything sticks to them no matter what. The clean up is just the worst experience ever. Even after cleaning then mmm multiple times there are stains all over and it makes the cookware look awful. You would think the performance of this product would be great because it’s Calphalon but it’s awful.Lexinia2

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