Stainless Steel Cookware



Outfit your kitchen in style with this Tramontina Cookware Set. It is made of heavy-gauge aluminum and has an interior cooking surface that is made of ceramic and is PFOA- and PTFE-free. This 10-piece cookware set distributes heat evenly, so that your food is heated and prepared properly. Its lids are made of tempered glass, allowing you to safely and easily view your ...



Tramontina's 8 Pc. Double-Hob Induction Cooking System is a new, energy efficient way of cooking that is quick, safe, clean, cooler, and allows for precision heating control. •Quick: Energy is directly transferred within the vessel's magnetic material, making induction heating very fast. •Safe: There is no open flame or red-hot coil to ignite fumes or flammable materials. Induction technology only heats the area ...

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